Saturday, December 5, 2009

Heart burdens..

I just wanted to put something which disturbed me recently.

I had been to my aunt’s house yesterday. She’s the eldest sister in my mom’s family. She and her husband, retired from their jobs, are staying together in their house, with no one to take care of them, as their only son is doing his engineering in Chennai.

When I went there, I heard that uncle had fainted and now taking rest. Myself and my dad then rushed into the room to see him. He was in deep sleep. So we thought that we should not disturb him and came out of the room.

He, after returning from a long journey, had went to doctor. Getting medicines for his fever, he had come back home. Then, as he went to lock the gate, suddenly he had gone unconscious fainting down. This old aunt was helpless to carry him inside, so had called her tenants for help. They carried him inside to his room. Then he was given something to drink by them and asked to take rest.

After all these happened, we had given the entry. Then the tenant brought some chappathis to eat. So we woke him up. He looked too sick, with his eyes drooping in, bony hands and shrinking face. He asked for milk, so I got it after boiling and made him eat.

Whatever may be his personal character, for us children he used to be very friendly. We all used to surround him in the lawn of my house, as he narrates interesting stories late nights. It was a great fun to hear them all. So seeing him in such a situation, I was moved.

Then I asked him what happened to his health? What did the doctor say? He said it’s the age factor. He is not able to walk too far easily. But he is the one who takes care of the house, cooks and doing all sorts of works. Now in this situation, he can’t even take a step. He was also worrying about his son’s strange behaviour and careless nature. Hearing all these, I couldn’t control my tears.

A person, who was once so jovial, taking everything easy, now because of growing old, feels lonely that there’s no one to take care of him. No one to consider him. The age factor affects to a greater extent. It’s hard to see an aged person, though having a good house and all other facilities but no one to take care of. What is there in having a car but no one to take us for a ride? Money can’t buy people, their affection and care.

So may GOD look after them and give them peace!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My first ever poem about ‘LOVE’!

Usually I question many things and I wrote the last two blogs trying to come out with answers for such questions. This time I just wanted to post a crazy poem I wrote. It’s a very small poem that I wrote when I was at the peak of craziness, a few years before.

Don’t blame me for posting this! Just for timepass. . have fun :)
Stay crazyyyyyyyy. . . >>>>

A knock at the heart
Dreams in the dark
Joy peeping near the eye
Cute little smile
Everything appears new
Only one seems special in the crew
Wonders how beautiful this life is!
That’s what love is!

Failure makes a man perfect. . May be that’s why LOVE becomes a failure!

Here I’m with my 2nd blog . .

In the midst of the exams, when I took a short break from studies, in a drowsy mood, suddenly I was drawn into deep thinking. .

These days I’m seeing a lot of people around me getting committed and within a short span, they split. . Why this happens? How can two hearts loving each other so deeply and madly depart?! This question has been in my mind since a long time back. .

Does that love hurts them to that extent? Or does the essence becomes too sweet to be taken more? Or coz they wish to get back to reality from that virtual world of love?
May be I would know the reason if I too were in that virtual world!
Even in the other case, being near those people, I can feel the sweetness in that fruit before it gets rotten. . the closeness, the intimacy, the love, affection, care everything takes them to the heaven where they are the only king and queen. . But at a point, all these vanish. . May be everything becomes over doze and hurts the two little hearts. .

One major reason as far as to my judgement is the ‘Possessiveness’
If a girl loves a guy, she feels like she totally own him. . And each and every step he takes towards others, make her feel insecure, even the case be she trusts him totally or understand him well, nothing matters here. It’s a child’s nature to claim a thing saying ‘its mine’. The same is replicated here. Kya karein! There’s a child within everyone of us.

On the other side, a guy is very open. . Though his thoughts may be narrow if it comes to his girl, by nature, being dominative and possessive, yet he is independent in his own way. .and he can’t be forced in a direction for too long. . He soon bursts out. . This may be the reason for a guy to dump his girl. .

But in today’s world, it’s the girls who dump the guys with more percent. . Poor guys, who were once the heroes, now each turn into a devdas. .

Usually a guy 1st takes a decision and then fixes up the girl in his heart. But a girl first fixes up the guy in her heart and then takes a decision then when it comes to life and future, where her selfishness comes into play!
Guys are the most affected. . It is still worse when a guy cries. . He totally gets frustrated. . But once when he stays calm and sees what’s happening around and to himself, he learns the best lessons of life. . There the maturity grows within him. .

Guys, who were once so rough and hard, become soft and keen in whatever they do. They understand the reality, the real happiness that stays forever. They become perfect.
Finally I reached my topic! Failure makes a man perfect, so as the love failure!
Every problem has a meaningful end and as the famous quote says ‘everything happens for your own good’.

Note: Here I considered only the true loving hearts and not those that are meant for ‘time pass love’, where dumping each other doesn’t turn out to be a matter!;-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The thing behind Silence is 'EvRyTh!nG'

Well, im new to this blogging. .and this is my 1st blog post. . i admit 'm nt a gud writer. .nt even a just writer. . may be i just wanna scribble all what i feel out, the sme way i fill my diary. .
u read or not , its upto U!
Cudnt let my hands stay tight aftr reading the blogs of the two gud bloggers from my family. . my cousin Fahad nd my sweet brother Raja. .

Being my first blog, i just wanted ppl to knw bot smething within me. smething tat most of those arnd me wndering bot. smething tat many question me. vats ther behind my silence?!. . .
Can say, its the emotions behind. Yes! I get deeply distrbd by small touchy things than big worries. Every bit of my heart speaks emotions. Nd every time I try coming out of it, I fail. Words get blocked before I speak. Nd as it is, everything is expressed emotionally in silence. Nt only this, may be the reasons are plenty. . it takes a lot of time for me to move with ppl arnd. I guess its coz of smething lyk unknown being known.

Fcourse, whenever u meet a person,u start with a smile nd a ‘hi’ . then u need to talk to tat person,spend time, to know them more which leads to an understanding nd there grows a gud relationship. .

It’s the Talk
Trust &
Tat builds a relationship.

Bt what if one doesn’t talk, does he/she fails to build one?!. . .yes I agree I hv failed many times. Even then some magic works out in this case. It may take days, months or even a year to to know a person. Bt then, words are felt, unspoken. ‘to talk’ is transformed as ‘to feel’. Im realy lucky to get such frnz who understand me lyk my soul. . hear me from heart. . listen to my eyes. . nd now they hv taught me to speak! For them im being the chatter box. whoever asks bot me, they just say im tamizh ‘ ivala pesamata!?’

I speak this much! I wonder! Now its these frnz behind both my silence nd chattering tongue!

Theres a lot of deep secretz behind a person’s silence. . its hard but sure u can dig tat out. . nd u vl be amazed by the cute little things within! Try this out. . then realy it’s a ‘wow!’ after unlocking a person’s silence!:>