Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The thing behind Silence is 'EvRyTh!nG'

Well, im new to this blogging. .and this is my 1st blog post. . i admit 'm nt a gud writer. .nt even a just writer. . may be i just wanna scribble all what i feel out, the sme way i fill my diary. .
u read or not , its upto U!
Cudnt let my hands stay tight aftr reading the blogs of the two gud bloggers from my family. . my cousin Fahad nd my sweet brother Raja. .

Being my first blog, i just wanted ppl to knw bot smething within me. smething tat most of those arnd me wndering bot. smething tat many question me. vats ther behind my silence?!. . .
Can say, its the emotions behind. Yes! I get deeply distrbd by small touchy things than big worries. Every bit of my heart speaks emotions. Nd every time I try coming out of it, I fail. Words get blocked before I speak. Nd as it is, everything is expressed emotionally in silence. Nt only this, may be the reasons are plenty. . it takes a lot of time for me to move with ppl arnd. I guess its coz of smething lyk unknown being known.

Fcourse, whenever u meet a person,u start with a smile nd a ‘hi’ . then u need to talk to tat person,spend time, to know them more which leads to an understanding nd there grows a gud relationship. .

It’s the Talk
Trust &
Tat builds a relationship.

Bt what if one doesn’t talk, does he/she fails to build one?!. . .yes I agree I hv failed many times. Even then some magic works out in this case. It may take days, months or even a year to to know a person. Bt then, words are felt, unspoken. ‘to talk’ is transformed as ‘to feel’. Im realy lucky to get such frnz who understand me lyk my soul. . hear me from heart. . listen to my eyes. . nd now they hv taught me to speak! For them im being the chatter box. whoever asks bot me, they just say im tamizh ‘ ivala pesamata!?’

I speak this much! I wonder! Now its these frnz behind both my silence nd chattering tongue!

Theres a lot of deep secretz behind a person’s silence. . its hard but sure u can dig tat out. . nd u vl be amazed by the cute little things within! Try this out. . then realy it’s a ‘wow!’ after unlocking a person’s silence!:>