Sunday, June 13, 2010


Since a long time I didn't post blogs as I didn't find a topic to write on. It's not the only reason. May be I'm not that imaginative to script different blog posts.
Fine. Now i have a new entry. A new hobby. A new passion to write about.

I call it a passion rather a hobby for a reason. There are few things which when we do leave us with an immense pleasure. The meaning is so powerful. It's the extravagant fondness which we call as a 'passion'. So i too have such a passion. May be you will find it weird when you come to know what it is.

I have seen people who are passionate towards cricket, football, music, cars and so on. Even i have a craze for music. It's a great companion that can help us with our emotions. I even love singing.

So what's my passion. It's the art of Dubbing. A lot of people have complimented me for my voice both on singing and on speaking. But i never had felt it's worth much before. It required a lot of time to learn and work on my singing ability. Yet when they kept on insisted to work on it, i came to know about dubbing. It sounds simple but it's not so. I have just started to work on it and find it so interesting and passionate. You have to be more expressive in your voice and the way you bring life to it feels awesome. Synchronising is yet another markable thing in this dubbing technology. I just love to practice it and to work on voice modulation. I feel that i'm gifted to have a voice that helped me to find this new passion.

Apart from career, i feel that we have to involve in activities that provide us with satisfaction and pleasure. Hopefully i'm aiming towards it. And i wish i write a blog in future on 'my first experience in dubbing'. Let this be a beginning.

So what i come to say is, there may be a lot of things within you. Bring life to those small beautiful things. Dont just limit yourself with work and money. The first should be your family. For your family, the next should be your work. And a passion for yourself:).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Testimonial to my loving brother 'Raja'

As i was bugged up by the orkut for the delay in posting the testimonial, i find tis blog a way. here it goes.

My dear bother. I just cme online aftr a long tym .I found you offline. I wondered. Nd suddenly felt lyk writing you a testimonial. So here I’m.

Anna I really hv missed you since long bfr. Tis is the thing I always feel whenever I speak to you. I wish I had you near frm the beginning. Fyn. Now vl never miss you nymre:). Thanks to internet, orkut, fb nd mobile:). You are such a wonderful person I hv ever met. A very sweet brother. You are blessed with a gud sense of humour. Whenever I read your blogs I start laughing nd end up with tears from eyes. So funny nd I love to read them.

Also you are always peppy, funfilled, it’s always a pleasure talking to you. Nice to share things to you . it gives warmth. lyk my own brother. I dnt feel lyk im the only child nw. realy.

You are so down-to-earth kinda person. Very open, jolly, loving nd caring . Nd you are blessed with very nice people around you too whom always you mention. Be it you are away from us, bt feel you near everytym.

There’s a long lovely beautiful path waiting fr you brother. You vl always be the happiest person. Trust me. Lyf will bring you all the colours . be the same ever. No more worries. Only happiness:).I will always be there for you . Afterall, I’m gifted to have you brother. Love you lotz nd lotz .


Monday, March 22, 2010

Few words have no substitutes.....

As everyone knows, I’m an emotional kinda person . So yup, this is again a blogpost to portray that .

It's Gautham Menon, who inspired me to write this blog and you‘ll know the reason shortly.

Coming to my topic, few words have no substitutes. I strongly believe in that. Whatever may be the language, few words/phrases in each mean a lot! But ofcourse, you’ll have to be emotional to worth the meaning of it.

Before reading further I tell you, better stop reading if you feel stupid about emotions.

Gautham Menon has put a good begin for using such meaningful words/phrases in movies. I loved all his dialogues from the movie ‘Minnalae’ to ‘vtv’. In ‘Minnalae’, the way Rajesh describes a secret(the way he fell in love) was amazing! And who can forget Jo’s proposal in Kakka Kakka! Vtv portrays all the most. Few words like ‘destiny’, ‘daddy’, ‘darling’, ‘aeromalae’ were best used in his movies. And my most favourite line is ‘Anything for U’. I just love it and it means a lot!

Whatever be the relationship you are into, grow the intimacy by letting your emotions out in words. Be intensive in whatever you are. Be expressive of the words in heart. This definitely keeps up your relationship. A small silly thing does a big work. Sometimes being stupid increases the pleasure. Try to admire the innocence of others and try to be innocent within yourself.

We always hold on to others to hold on to our lives. So no one can live a life alone! Keep that in mind and stay connected to others.

I wished to convey this as I see people killing the liveliness and staying rigid. Please don’t be!

Share everything ! love everything ! express everything in beautiful and intensive words! Then life will be the most beautiful ever!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A small Tribute to our 'Subramani'

A blog post dedicated to my friend, my classmate, ‘Subramani’, who passed away on Jan 2oth 2010 in a bike accident.

He is D.Karthik, roll no ‘36’. We all belong to IT-A. Our class is very well known for the unity of guys. They all always used to stay together in the campus wherever they go, whatever they do. And even outside campus, they have shared the best and the hard moments together. We have five Karthiks in our class. So, obviously had to call them by nicknames. Once when we had to take a class of EEE , to be seated, our English ma’m gave him the name Subramani, by mistake. But then it turned out to be his name. We all called him ‘Subramani’. Though girls were not in touch with guys much, all know him only by the name ‘ Subramani’.

He is from vilupuram. So, there he got the other name ‘vilupuram’. He was very simple, always smiling, lean and a down-to-earth person. He was one in the gang, staying in hostel. We didn’t know much about him. Know him as our class guy, from hostel, guys always shouting ‘Subramani’. Have hardly spoken to him. May be twice or thrice. Yet this guy has gone deep into our thoughts now. Really can’t bear his loss. He is with us! Always with us!

Who can forget his pleasing smile! His voice! The number 36! The way he imitated our EVS sir, throwing the chalk the same way sir threw the puffs at a guy, even he got that sir smiling at all these, the way he used to fight for attendance, pleading to our ma’ms, the way he used to stand in front and ask ‘ ma’m attendance ma’m ‘ and asking he used to Turn and SMILE at guys. Sometimes will say ‘machan poda matranga da’. He gained all our attentions most of the times. That too in the recent sem. Always commenting or arguing with the staff, always staff used to utter roll no ‘36’,sitting in the last bench. He made us to burst out with laughter many times! Really a nice guy, inspite of everything, coming from a poor background, striving hard to study, the guy who’s the family’s only hope! Its very hard, paining inside, always GOOD-HEARTED ARE BEING HURTED!!

He is a very good athlete too. He used to run like a storm. Still remember the day when he made his team win in the relay running like a stormy wind! And remember the day he got the cup for winning! He has teased me a lot, used to call me ‘tabalpetti’. But ever the teasing remained friendly! Can’t forget anything about him! Always in our thoughts! He is our friend! He will always be with us!

U will be alive within us ever and ever Subramani! U will be fine!