Monday, March 22, 2010

Few words have no substitutes.....

As everyone knows, I’m an emotional kinda person . So yup, this is again a blogpost to portray that .

It's Gautham Menon, who inspired me to write this blog and you‘ll know the reason shortly.

Coming to my topic, few words have no substitutes. I strongly believe in that. Whatever may be the language, few words/phrases in each mean a lot! But ofcourse, you’ll have to be emotional to worth the meaning of it.

Before reading further I tell you, better stop reading if you feel stupid about emotions.

Gautham Menon has put a good begin for using such meaningful words/phrases in movies. I loved all his dialogues from the movie ‘Minnalae’ to ‘vtv’. In ‘Minnalae’, the way Rajesh describes a secret(the way he fell in love) was amazing! And who can forget Jo’s proposal in Kakka Kakka! Vtv portrays all the most. Few words like ‘destiny’, ‘daddy’, ‘darling’, ‘aeromalae’ were best used in his movies. And my most favourite line is ‘Anything for U’. I just love it and it means a lot!

Whatever be the relationship you are into, grow the intimacy by letting your emotions out in words. Be intensive in whatever you are. Be expressive of the words in heart. This definitely keeps up your relationship. A small silly thing does a big work. Sometimes being stupid increases the pleasure. Try to admire the innocence of others and try to be innocent within yourself.

We always hold on to others to hold on to our lives. So no one can live a life alone! Keep that in mind and stay connected to others.

I wished to convey this as I see people killing the liveliness and staying rigid. Please don’t be!

Share everything ! love everything ! express everything in beautiful and intensive words! Then life will be the most beautiful ever!