Sunday, January 24, 2010

A small Tribute to our 'Subramani'

A blog post dedicated to my friend, my classmate, ‘Subramani’, who passed away on Jan 2oth 2010 in a bike accident.

He is D.Karthik, roll no ‘36’. We all belong to IT-A. Our class is very well known for the unity of guys. They all always used to stay together in the campus wherever they go, whatever they do. And even outside campus, they have shared the best and the hard moments together. We have five Karthiks in our class. So, obviously had to call them by nicknames. Once when we had to take a class of EEE , to be seated, our English ma’m gave him the name Subramani, by mistake. But then it turned out to be his name. We all called him ‘Subramani’. Though girls were not in touch with guys much, all know him only by the name ‘ Subramani’.

He is from vilupuram. So, there he got the other name ‘vilupuram’. He was very simple, always smiling, lean and a down-to-earth person. He was one in the gang, staying in hostel. We didn’t know much about him. Know him as our class guy, from hostel, guys always shouting ‘Subramani’. Have hardly spoken to him. May be twice or thrice. Yet this guy has gone deep into our thoughts now. Really can’t bear his loss. He is with us! Always with us!

Who can forget his pleasing smile! His voice! The number 36! The way he imitated our EVS sir, throwing the chalk the same way sir threw the puffs at a guy, even he got that sir smiling at all these, the way he used to fight for attendance, pleading to our ma’ms, the way he used to stand in front and ask ‘ ma’m attendance ma’m ‘ and asking he used to Turn and SMILE at guys. Sometimes will say ‘machan poda matranga da’. He gained all our attentions most of the times. That too in the recent sem. Always commenting or arguing with the staff, always staff used to utter roll no ‘36’,sitting in the last bench. He made us to burst out with laughter many times! Really a nice guy, inspite of everything, coming from a poor background, striving hard to study, the guy who’s the family’s only hope! Its very hard, paining inside, always GOOD-HEARTED ARE BEING HURTED!!

He is a very good athlete too. He used to run like a storm. Still remember the day when he made his team win in the relay running like a stormy wind! And remember the day he got the cup for winning! He has teased me a lot, used to call me ‘tabalpetti’. But ever the teasing remained friendly! Can’t forget anything about him! Always in our thoughts! He is our friend! He will always be with us!

U will be alive within us ever and ever Subramani! U will be fine!


  1. really u made tears out f my eyes idiot
    i hate n love yo for dis for getting me sob.......

  2. We miss u a lot subbu :'( ....Ayesha Your right he is always with(in) us ...From now he ll be guiding us in all things that we r going to do..... We(IT-A) is there for subbu and his family .... The sad part what i feel is few didnt even respect.....thats the only thing i m not able to digest .... :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ...... :'(

  3. sure v all vl always be ther fr him nd his family.. bt who are those stone-hearted???!!!!

  4. Hi,

    Just got redirected to this blog while searching for something else. That was touching post. Brought a lot of memories of the days gone by (My bachelor days ... we had a guy too who committed suicide in 2006 if my memory serves me right.) Things are so different now. May your friend's soul Rest in Peace and God bless you for this post!

  5. thanx alot Manish... nice to hear ur words:)

  6. It was an great post.. Made my eyes moist.. What really happened to subramani?

  7. he passed awy in a bike accident.. leaving us all down wid tears.. :'(

  8. its very nice... but makes my eyes to b filled with tears... really done a very great job...