Sunday, June 13, 2010


Since a long time I didn't post blogs as I didn't find a topic to write on. It's not the only reason. May be I'm not that imaginative to script different blog posts.
Fine. Now i have a new entry. A new hobby. A new passion to write about.

I call it a passion rather a hobby for a reason. There are few things which when we do leave us with an immense pleasure. The meaning is so powerful. It's the extravagant fondness which we call as a 'passion'. So i too have such a passion. May be you will find it weird when you come to know what it is.

I have seen people who are passionate towards cricket, football, music, cars and so on. Even i have a craze for music. It's a great companion that can help us with our emotions. I even love singing.

So what's my passion. It's the art of Dubbing. A lot of people have complimented me for my voice both on singing and on speaking. But i never had felt it's worth much before. It required a lot of time to learn and work on my singing ability. Yet when they kept on insisted to work on it, i came to know about dubbing. It sounds simple but it's not so. I have just started to work on it and find it so interesting and passionate. You have to be more expressive in your voice and the way you bring life to it feels awesome. Synchronising is yet another markable thing in this dubbing technology. I just love to practice it and to work on voice modulation. I feel that i'm gifted to have a voice that helped me to find this new passion.

Apart from career, i feel that we have to involve in activities that provide us with satisfaction and pleasure. Hopefully i'm aiming towards it. And i wish i write a blog in future on 'my first experience in dubbing'. Let this be a beginning.

So what i come to say is, there may be a lot of things within you. Bring life to those small beautiful things. Dont just limit yourself with work and money. The first should be your family. For your family, the next should be your work. And a passion for yourself:).


  1. Super....
    Good comeback!!!
    Dubbing elaam panra pola...kalaku!!
    all the best!!:)

  2. nice... after reading this i remember your voice heard long time bck:) good luck 4 your future

  3. tats sweet. adhukunu ipovum phone panni katedhellam over. nyways thank you :)

  4. I just came accidently to ur blog when referring "Failure make man perfect"..

    Ur sayin in post is so tru, one shld hav der own passion!... Its nicely written.. Good one... I like de line "Dont just limit yourself with work and money".. All de best keep posting ur first experiance of dubbing...

    Hey i too hav intense passion towards photography... I love photography.. If u wish u can look at my works @