Thursday, June 10, 2010

Testimonial to my loving brother 'Raja'

As i was bugged up by the orkut for the delay in posting the testimonial, i find tis blog a way. here it goes.

My dear bother. I just cme online aftr a long tym .I found you offline. I wondered. Nd suddenly felt lyk writing you a testimonial. So here I’m.

Anna I really hv missed you since long bfr. Tis is the thing I always feel whenever I speak to you. I wish I had you near frm the beginning. Fyn. Now vl never miss you nymre:). Thanks to internet, orkut, fb nd mobile:). You are such a wonderful person I hv ever met. A very sweet brother. You are blessed with a gud sense of humour. Whenever I read your blogs I start laughing nd end up with tears from eyes. So funny nd I love to read them.

Also you are always peppy, funfilled, it’s always a pleasure talking to you. Nice to share things to you . it gives warmth. lyk my own brother. I dnt feel lyk im the only child nw. realy.

You are so down-to-earth kinda person. Very open, jolly, loving nd caring . Nd you are blessed with very nice people around you too whom always you mention. Be it you are away from us, bt feel you near everytym.

There’s a long lovely beautiful path waiting fr you brother. You vl always be the happiest person. Trust me. Lyf will bring you all the colours . be the same ever. No more worries. Only happiness:).I will always be there for you . Afterall, I’m gifted to have you brother. Love you lotz nd lotz .